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Digital Signage

Every organization has many stories to tell.

The HR department has information for employees; the marketing department has information for prospects; sales has information for current customers; production has information for management; the principal’s office has information for instructors; the athletic department has information for boosters. The list goes on.

The challenge is how to reach the audience with a memorable impact?

Everywhere there are eyes, organizations can communicate effectively with video signage. In the office, in the building, in the cafeteria, on the campus, no medium has the flexibility and impact of video signage.

In the corporate setting, a Nu-Star Technologies video signage system:

  • Broadcasts crucial internal communications
  • Reinforces brand messaging
  • Displays productivity bench marks and achievements in real time
  • Enhances emergency preparedness

Nu-Star Technologies video signage systems are both effective and easy to use. Regardless of whether it is one flat panel display in the front lobby or a two-story video wall or a campus-wide video network, Nu-Star Technologies has the video signage resources and expertise.