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Sound Masking Systems

Office Space = Open Space = Noisy Space

Wall dividers are low; no one has a private space; no doors to close; all worker activity is highly communal. The open space design reduces expenses for lighting, air conditioning, energy. Since co-workers easily hear and see each other, the open office space enables a high degree of collaboration.

Today’s open office space also enables high levels of noise distraction.

Office noise and lack of speech privacy negatively affect employees’ concentration, slow task performance, increase the likelihood of errors, and threaten the continuity of thought. Acoustic problems also impact comfort, stress levels and morale. The solution for the acoustic issues of the open office space is sound masking.

Sound masking is not noise reduction. Sound masking is a technology to blend specific sounds into the work environment so that speech and voices become non-recognizable and thus non-distracting.

Nu-Star Technologies works with LogiSon to create an acoustic network that enhances productivity and speech privacy in the open office space. In an office space with a Nu-Star Technologies sound masking system, employees are more efficient and effective and concentrate better.