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Video Conferencing: Easy for Rooms, Groups, and Desktops

Nu-Star makes video conferencing “push-button” simple.

Imagine conducting a business meeting with people in ten different global locations. People and digital presentations coming together at one time without the inconvenience of travel, traffic jams, or airport delays. And all the resources controlled from a single, simple touch panel.

Video Conferencing leverages audio and video telecommunications to bring people from different locations together for real time, face-to-face meetings. There are countless applications for video conferencing in today's global workforce. But the convenience and cost-effectiveness of video conferencing makes it a must-have technology for smart businesses.

Below are a list of frequent business issues and solutions.

Problem:   Solution:
Budget is shrinking for travel to branch locations Replace travel with Point-to-Point video conferencing
Distance learning for employees fails to meet training goals Use video conferencing to bring expert trainers to distant learners
Management needs to create higher engagement with front line workers Create closer management-worker relations with video conferencing
Phone-only meetings are losing productivity Capture greater attention with face-to-face meetings with video conferencing.

Room Solution:

When work groups in different locations want to meet with each other, a conference room needs video cameras, video displays, microphones, speakers and inputs from computers. A Nu-Star Technologies conference room solution can bring one-button simplicity so the participants can concentrate on their work; not on the conferencing technology.

Desktop Solution:

One person talking with another person; one person talking with many people. A desktop video conferencing solution needs to be stable, secure, manageable and easy to use. Nu-Star Technologies desktop video conference solution brings ease and manageability at a manageable price.