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Boardroom Video Conferencing Design

Often the boardroom is intended to be the showcase for an organization. The best furniture, the most comfortable chairs and amenities like hidden closets and refreshment bars.

But the boardroom is more than a showcase. It is also a place for decision-making, collaboration and communication. Blending A/V technology into the aesthetics of the boardroom is not a small task. The details of A/V installation can enhance or distract from the most appealing room design.

Nu-Star Technologies works hard to assess all of the uses of boardroom. Armed with a complete assessment and working in concert with the architect, Nu-Star Technologies creates an A/V plan that enhances the look of the boardroom and brings ease of use to the A/V technology.

Nu-Star Technologies makes the A/V system function in a way that blends with the design of the boardroom. And is easy to use.