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It stands for “Audio/Visual as a Service” It’s an innovative and contemporary offering, keeping our slogan true.

"We bring excellence and ease to audio/video and conferencing technologies"

It eliminates the stress and expense of the customer buying and supporting the Audio/Visual and Video conferencing hardware. This affordable, managed solution is a subscription agreement that combines hardware (The latest technology), maintenance, and support into a low monthly cost.

Basic system starts under $200/month, Video Conferencing under $500/month

Benefits of this service:

  • Minimal up-front capital
  • Faster implementation - The approval process is shortened, with minimal up front costs.
  • Managed Services – Software and Firmware updates
  • Flexibility – AVaaS allows you to scale up or down your AV or VTC services as needed.
  • Predictable budget – Every month, you can expect a fixed monthly spend for your technology solution. No hidden extra’s, no nickel and dime invoicing.
  • Operational expense VS. Capital expense - Business services it’s a Tax write off.
  • Maintenance and Support - This is one of the greatest benefits. If something isn’t working like it’s supposed to you have access to our Nu-Manage support and maintenance, which saves you money and downtime.
  • Keeping with updated technology - When you buy Hardware or software services, AV and VTC Technology changes so rapidly, in 3-5 years of buying your system it’s completely outdated, With Nu-Star’s AVaaS service plan, after every 5 years of a subscription service Nu-Star will come in and exchange all the hardware and software to equivalent or better keeping you up with the latest and greatest Technology even if your system is working fine (This goes for displays as-well), with no cost for refresh.
  • Training - As you know downtime is a big issue when employees run into issues not knowing how to use the equipment properly. Nu-Star will offer training session every quarter if your interested.
  • Easy to purchase -  Speak to one of our sales executives at 817-337-6900 or contact us at

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