Nu-Star Technologies brings excellence and ease to audio / video conferencing
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Nu-Star has the expertise to make audio/video conferencing easy and excellent.

Nu-Star Technologies builds A/V conferencing systems that are easy to operate.

Nu-Star Technologies designs and builds video conferencing systems with the end user in mind. We strive to make A/V technology transparent so the end user can concentrate on communicating; not finding the remote control.

When the A/V system is easy to operate, it gets used more. When the A/V system gets used more, the investment is paid off with improved communications, increased productivity and increased efficiency. We have learned thru years of A/V integration experience how to design and build an A/V system that is intuitive and obvious so even a CEO could operate it.

Video Conferencing

Video Conference

Video conferencing allows for face-to-face meetings regardless of travel time or distance. Decisions are made faster and communication is more effective.

Interactive Conferencing

Interactive Conferences

Interactive conferencing reduces travel expenses and accelerates team performance.

Conference Room Design

Conference Room Design

Nu-Star Technologies works hard to assess all of the uses of Board Room.

Sound Masking

Sound Masking Box

Sound masking blends specific sounds into the work environment so that speech and voices become non-recognizable and thus non-distracting.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Nu-Star Technologies video signage systems are both effective and easy to use.

Financing Available

Financing Available

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